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You don't need to be a permanent resident to buy a home

In Japan you do not need to be a permanent resident or currently live in Japan in order to buy a property.


You don't need to know Japanese to buy or sell a house in Japan

While the documents do need to be written in Japanese, we can assist you every step of the property purchasing or selling process.


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Here are the most frequently asked questions about purchasing a home in Japan

In general, permanent residency is usually required for taking out a home loan. However, we can introduce you to banks that might consider providing a loan as long as you do plan on applying for permanent residency in the future.

Yes, it is possible. In Japan, there are no legal restrictions on property ownership based on nationality. Foreigners can purchase real estate in Japan if they have the necessary funds. Ownership of Japanese real estate is permitted regardless of one’s residence status or visa.

However, owning property in Japan does not automatically grant you
permanent residency or change visa requirements for your stay in Japan. Please note that some of the required documents for property purchase may be different for non-Japanese individuals than for Japanese citizens.

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