If you are looking for rooms around YOKOSUKA YOKOHAMA KAWASAKI area, 
why don't you contact SeaHome.

Please feel free to contact us, as there many rooms available except the rooms on web site.

Are you facing difficulty in finding room in Japan ?

Can not find guarantor.
Well experienced Staff.
Foreigners are refused residence.
Plenty of property information.
Can not tell requirement because of language.
Multilingual includes English, Spanish, Vietnamese.

Advantages of SeaHome

Flow until moving in

A down payment is required to sign a lease
Please contact us via SNS Messages or Phone Calls. It is also possible to send inquiry about a property without visiting our office.
We will contact you by phone or email, whichever you prefer.Please share us your necessary information and your desired conditions when looking for a property.
Poperty Recommendations
We will select and send suitable properties’ details based on your desired conditions above.
We will certainly only send properties that are foreigner friendly.
Housing Application/ Review
After selecting the desired property, please fill out the application form.
Please send us your application and we will review it.
Lease Contract
After your housing application being approved, we will decide the move-in date and proceed to the sign the lease contract.